General Thoughts

Couchsurfing (and how to fix it)

I just hopped on the bandwagon (yea, a couple of years late) and it is a truly fascinating experiment. For those unfamiliar with it, the original premise was to allow travelers to stay with locals and get a more personalized experience when exploring the world. That was then. Recently, it has expanded rapidly with 6 million members, secured $15M in Series B funding, and has become the go-to couch-surfing service. A member can use it to host their couch or find places to crash around the world. They also have a (messy) stream that allows users to ask for tips and plan meetups. I signed up for it because I was bored. I want to meet more interesting people and share experiences with them. Plus, if I travel in the future, it’ll be awesome to know locals around the globe.
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The Final Beginning

This is not my first attempt at a blog. I’ve made three in the past. One to share my life in London, then one to inspire the manly man in all of us, and finally the one that had the sweetest collection of links on this side of the internet. Each one was made with utmost care to design. They had a defined structure, a strict schedule, and a clear focus. And none of them lasted. So this time I’ll do the opposite. I’ll use it to share my life experience. And since my life doesn’t happen with a structure, schedule, or focus… you’ll just have to keep up!